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[sticky post] 2013 BigBang!

It was up to you, your decision. So here we go:

1st GRIMM BigBang is open now!

On this way, it is an open challenge, so everyone can "see" what the other one is doing. Artists can choose their favorites from the summaries of the writers.

How it works:
Sign ups I will open short time after this. And they will be open for writers until May, 31st, for artists till July, 31th. If you still need extentions for that, let me know. Writers have to send their summaries till July, 15th, that gives me time to put the (hopeful much!) fanfics together into one post. From August, 1st until the end of the month fanartists can choose from for what fic they want to do their art. Every fic can only be taken once! But it's up to the artists how many fics they will create art for - as long as it's up to the writers, with how many fics they want to participate.
From September, 1st till November, 30th you have time to complete your story and create the art. As December is for the most of us a busy month I would say, latest dateline is the last day of December. Posting the fics and the art starts with the beginning of 2014.

- Fanfics have to be non-published until dateline.
- For the BigBang a fanfic has to be 10,000 words or more
- besides the usual test-readers (beta/s) only the artist has to read the fic BEFORE posting - especially no one involved into the challenge
- fanart should be a little more. Be creative! Make some WPs, icons, banners. If vidden is your art of choice, you're welcome to do one or two vids.


About the Reverse Mini-Bang:
I've thought about this the complete week and I think I will leave it open as there seems to be at least a little interest into this one. There's no deadline for it now and as I don't want to change the rules a second time I let the table stay as it is (because I think it's unfair to the few who have participated and worked with the prompts). If you feel the need I would be thrilled when there would be participate some more people so we can run that one during the BigBang. I hope with this I've found a conclussion that's  fitting to everyone.

And it would be great when you too would spread the word about the Bangs. I'm working on an advertising-banner right now which I will post here when I'm done with it. If you like it it will be free to snurch and use.


Sorry that this took so long but finally *yay!* here's the header for the writers to use. Please leave your summaries as a comment to this entry. I will collect them and publish them in one entry, so the fanartists can choose;

State: (in process/finished)
Lengh: (only if the work is finished)
(what you would prefer as relating art)

2nd Call for Writers

You still have time to participate if you like. Deadline is May, 31th midnight (Berlin).

If you want to participate, go here.

Summary for first fic: "Bee Ware"

Forgive me if this summary sucks....it's my first time ever writing and posting a fic for Grimm..

This is going way back to season 1, but I am planning to introduce an original character into the Grimm universe, who happens to be a psychic.
She is a plant from the Supernatural universe, having appeared and hunted with the Winchester brothers off and on from season one to season 6, shortly after Sam got his soul back.

Wanting a more stable life, she found her way to Portland, where she became a coroner assistant during the daytime (a job that her friend Monroe told her about) and starting a club that does live music and bands in the evening.

As the story begins, it is some of the highlights of the episode --ie: the two dead attorneys who got stung after a flashmob...protecting Adalind, etc.

My hope is to get across that she is there in Portland because she has seen him in her psychic visions and, in the background, is helping him out with his investigations with different things....

1. Call for the writers

This is just to be sure you are all still in. Please let me know if you are or not or is there something else you want to know.

Besides, I thought about to let you post the entire fics (including art then) on AO3 as there it is possible to include art and stories and probably it would cost too much space here. Let me know if that would be okay with you and if you all have (or need) an AO3-account :).

BigBang 2013 - Banner

So, just as I'd promised yesterday, here is the banner for our first BigBang *hopeful that there will be more in future*. If someone could explain to me how I can give you the html-code - hey, I'm oldfashioned! I'm happy that I made it work ... somehow. If YOU also want to advertise the BigBang, that's the point. Well, I hope so ... :). I'm doing my best and will definetely also post into the different fanfic-communities - when I have the okay from the owners. But the mere the merier so I'm thankful for everyone who will also spread the word and make people aware of the Big-one :).

Anyway, have fun with it - or not. Depends on you:


You want help others with their fics? That's very kind of you! Please, leave a comment

Sign up Artists

You want to do some art for the BigBang? Great! Leave a comment

Sign up Writers

If you want to be part of this ... leave a comment!

Poll: What do you want?

So, after the extention still ... nothing. Only three participants and that's not enough for this challenge. Sad but true, I think the first Bang is pretty dead right now.

To share my thoughts with you - or the ones interested in this community - I'm not really in mood to give it up now. I had planned to do a BigBang right after the failed Reverse MiniBang. A BigBang, for those don't know, would mean you have nearly the entrie year time to write and/or make the art. That's why I wanted to test out with the MiniBang IF there is still interest. Don't seem so but at this moment I will take this damned long Hellatus in count and will leave it to you. What do you want? Another extention for the MiniBang or should I put the MiniBang aside or on hold for later restart and open up the big one? It's now up to you:

Poll #1891258 Mini- or BigBang

Let's do this! Another extention


Cancel the damned thing!


Bring up the BigBang!


Do both


Let the community die - it's worthless


Other Challenges

Shut it down!
I'll leave a suggestion